Join us at 3D Print Expo and win a Vortex printer!

Join us at 3D Print Expo and win a Vortex printer!

3D Print Expo and Vortex, the exhibition partner that manufactures printers, will conduct a giveaway of a 3D printer estimated at 180 000 RUB among attendees!

Terms of drawing

To take part in 3D printer drawing, you have to register to 3D Print Expo and buy a ticket. At the registration desk, you will get an exhibition program with a special counterfoil to specify your full name. Then filled, leave it in a transparent vase near the main stage. At 16:00, the organizers will pick up the name of the winner! The drawing is scheduled for the second day of the exhibition — October 13.

Remark: do not forget to bring your identity paper since the winner would have to show it when entering the scene.

About the printer

Model: Vortex DUAL.

Retail price: 180 000 RUB.

Technical specifications:

  • warm table material – tempered glass;
  • size – 46х54х90 cm;
  • steel body;
  • profile slide rails;
  • maximum table temperature – 130 °С;
  • layer height – 0.05 mm;
  • 2 extruders;
  • positioning speed – up to 300 mm/s;
  • acceleration – 2000 mm/s²;
  • closed chamber.

Peculiarities of Vortex DUAL:

  • changeable arms for various printing types;
  • wheeled body;
  • automated geometric calibration;
  • automated table surface calibration;
  • plastics extrusion temperature – up to 340 °С.

About Vortex

Vortex is a full-cycle manufacturer founded in 2013. Its work starts with engineering development and ends with ready-made products. All Vortex printers are tested by means of hours-long printing.

Register to 3D Print Expo and win your personal professional 3D printer by Vortex!

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