are going back to Moscow this February! are going back to Moscow this February!

Exhibition is a great way for a company to demonstrate itself; that is a fact. Especially if it’s involved in 3D printing industry. Company from Saint-Petersburg, participating in recent Moscow’s Robotics Expo is a case story. Their technology created an enormous public interest and their booth has been overcrowded for the whole two days.

“We’ve noticed a long time ago that 3D printing technology has a certain ‘magic wow-impression’, if you like. No wonder, that main public’s attention is on our booth today. Exhibitions definitely promote 3D printing and create new industry possibilities”, said Evgeniy Belosludcev, General Director.

After such a success and media publicity, several other Saint-Petersburg companies all at once announced their intention to participate in specialized exhibitions.

As for Company, it is going to present its booth on the 13th – 14th of February, 2014, in ECC “Sokolniki”, where two outstanding events, 3D Print Expo (the first Russian advanced technologies and printing exhibition) and ЕААРА (7th Eurasian Amusement Parks and Attraction Expo) will go live under the same roof. Such link-up will be made on purpose – 3D printing is not infrequently a part of the entertainment industry. Belosudcev says that 3D printing can be used to model the prospective entertainment park, including all attractions.

“Making a 3D copy of people is also a lot of fun. One should use a special 3D scanner that creates a digital 3D model of a real human that can be printed afterwards. Another interesting activity is 3D modeling of planes, helicopters, cars etc. This could make people gather in study groups. Today one can construct a framework, details, gears… And the process of assembling itself and the operational concept is quite simple and interesting. When someone constructs his own mechanism, he has a better understanding of technical processes.”

Today, depending on the requirements, one can print anything. 3D printing could be applied almost in every sector, from production to entertainment. Experts consider 3D printing a very attractive technology that can be a catalyst of a new industrial revolution.


3D Print Expo Exhibition will be the first Russian event highlighting the 3D printing development and showing how the technology actually works.

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