Show Design and PrintProduct: exclusive sponsors of 3D Print Expo

Show Design and PrintProduct: exclusive sponsors of 3D Print Expo

This year, exclusive sponsors of 3D Print Expo will be such companies as Show Design and PrintProduct.

Show Design is a company that has been focusing on engineering surveys, electronic solutions, and the integration of unique information technologies into various industries for 15 years. Its MAESTRO 3D printer is a Russian development and the first professional desktop 3D printer produced in Perm. Printers feature hard load-bearing elements made of 1.5 steel and automatic adjustment of the printing table.

PrintProduct is a Russian manufacturer of consumable materials for 3D printers. The company’s product range consists of more than 30 types of plastic threads. Moreover, PrintProduct has its own laboratory. Besides consumable materials, the company also provides a full spectrum of services related to the 3D technology sector:

  • technical support for selecting materials and components for 3D printers;
  • repair and maintenance service of equipment;
  • training, workshops, and comprehensive solutions for the integration of 3D technologies into the working process.

The companies will introduce their brands as part of the pitch session on the second day of the event, October 13, at 12:30. You will be able to examine products by Show Design and PrintProduct in the exhibition area of 3D Print Expo at a stand b5.

To talk to Show Design and PrintProduct representatives and to see their products, register to 3D Print Expo.

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