REC will present the materials for 3D printing at 3D Print Expo

REC will present the materials for 3D printing at 3D Print Expo

More than one decade has passed since first models of 3D printers were invented. New technologies emerged, old ones are constantly improving and it is quite logical that the list of materials used in 3D printing is also updated.

At 3D Print Expo you will have a possibility to get acquainted with basic materials that are used for printing in domestic and office printers. Company REC, specializing in production of materials for three-dimensional printing, will feature its products at the industry event.

REC was founded in July 2013 by two friends - Nikita Gavrilov and Mikhail Shishkin. Company specializes in production of consumable materials for 3D printers that use FDM technology.

Company states that its mission is continuous improvement of product quality, diversification and gradual decrease in price for this material. Though innovative approach to manufacturing and continuous technology improvement, company plans to become a leader in this market segment.

REC has chosen the most popular industry sector - segment of home and office devices. At theme exhibition 3D Print Expo, company REC will present its innovative products. Everyone interested will be able to talk to company representatives and ask questions.

International Exhibition 3D Print Expo will open its doors to all Russian and foreign representatives of the industry.

Exhibition will be held February 12-14, 2014 in ECC Sokolniki, Moscow, and will bring together leading manufacturers and suppliers of 3D printing technologies.


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