Results of 2014: 3D Print Expo grows and develops

Results of 2014: 3D Print Expo grows and develops

In February 2014, there was exhibition of 3D printing and scanning technology held in Russia - 3D Print Expo and it was the first event of B2B format in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, bringing together experts and enthusiasts of 3D technology. The organizer of the event was "Smile-Expo".

Having brought together for two days more than 5 thousand visitors, exhibition caused a furor in the Russian market. 3D Print Expo has served as an excellent platform to gain unique experience and share knowledge, meet industry leaders and establish partnerships and personal business contacts.

Successful 3D Print Expo in Moscow and active development of 3D technology market resulted tin decision to organize events dedicated to 3D printing in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Therefore, in May 2014 Almaty hosted the first conference of advanced 3D printing and scanning technology 3D Print Conference. Almaty that has brought together industry professionals from around the world to demonstrate the capabilities of innovative technologies.

Almaty conference attracted the attention of public and showed that interest in such activities in Kazakhstan is big enough. For many people 3D Print Conference. Almaty was the discovery and made them understand that a future where three-dimensional technology is becoming an essential attribute of business is not a fantasy, but a reality.

In September 2014 the capital of Ukraine hosted 3D Print Conference. Kiev that was attended by a large number of experts who have stated that Ukrainian market is ready to compete with the West using its own development. The closing ceremony of 3D Print Conference. Kiev was marked by historical event - 3D printing of the largest in the history of independent Ukraine national coat of arms.

In October 3D Print Expo, in response to rapid development of 3D-printing industry in Russia, was again held in Moscow. This time it managed to bring together more than 50 companies - the largest manufacturers and suppliers, specialized services and training centers working in the field of 3D technology.

As part of the 3D Print Expo organizers held I 3D Print Awards 2014, awarding the best representatives of 3D printing and scanning market.

We can certainly say that for organizing team of 3D Print Expo 2015 will be the even more intense than the previous year - the company enters new markets, expanding the geography of its activities.

On 12 February conference that focuses on 3D printing and scanning, will be for the first time held in Azerbaijan (3D Print Conference. Baku); in spring experts will meet again in Almaty and in summer northern capital of Russia - St. Petersburg will host this business event. The autumn season will be marked by third exhibition of 3D printing and scanning technology - 3D Print Expo 2015.

In 2015, 3D Print Expo plans to invite the maximum number of companies that have long been in the market of 3D printing, and invite innovators of the industry.

The exhibition will traditionally feature specialized conference with reports of domestic and foreign experts, workshops and round tables. When it comes to creative activities, the organizers intend to surprise visitors of the exhibition with fashion show, art gallery and art platform and invite new, interesting and incredibly creative artists, designers, architects and fashion artists.

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