Segway Japan teams up with Marubeni to 3D print customized parts for Segway PTs

Segway Japan teams up with Marubeni to 3D print customized parts for Segway PTs

Marubeni Information Systems (MSYS) has announced that it has launched a joint development project with Segway Japan, a distributor of personal transporter electric vehicles to fabricate customized parts for Segway PTs using 3D printers.

Around 3,000 Segway PTs, the battery-powered, two-wheeled vehicles, has been introduced in Japan since 2007. These Segway has been used in shopping mall and events venue to improve mobility. From April to December 2014 Segway Japan holds a 'Segway City Tour' in Tsukuba, Japan and has been gaining popularity in the city. Since then the demand for a 'customized Segway' has been increasing.


On the other hand, MSYS has been looking for new ways to use 3D printing for a long time. Marubeni launched its 3D printing service in 2011 to provide 'On-demand Production Service' to business partners and companies. MSYS has the experience of providing manufacturing solutions, which include 3D printers, digitizers, and CAM for machine-based design and manufacturing systems.

The strategic partnership will allow Segway to provide customized parts for their users. Segway Japan will focus on product planning, market research and sales, and MSYS will take care of products design, 3D printing and project promotion.


At "25th Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo" held in Tokyo Big Sight from 25 to 27 June 2014, several concept models were on display on MSYS booth. The concept 3D printed model on display, include 3D printed smartphones and tablet holders for Segway, customized wheel covers, 3D printed lightning parts etc.

"For example, a Segway equipped with GPS enabled tablet devices and smartphones can be used by security guards at large events. 3D printing allows great design freedom and we can create different parts customized for every event." said Marubeni spokesman.

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