Show Design and PrintProduct to demonstrate new products and hold a prizes-for-all lottery

Show Design and PrintProduct to demonstrate new products and hold a prizes-for-all lottery

On October 13, exclusive sponsors of 3D Print Expo Show Design and PrintProduct will demonstrate their products at the event main stage. Besides, they will draw a discount certificate for 3D printers and related services.

New MAESTRO 3D printers: compactness and functionality

Show Design, a manufacturer of MAESTRO 3D printers, and PrintProduct, a supplier of consumable materials for 3D printers, will demonstrate their new devices at the specified event. Particularly, the DUET and HONEY series. The former is a two-head version of the basic device while the latter offers a compact printing solution.

Batch production of these printers is scheduled for the beginning of November. Attendees of the event will be the first to have a look at new products and their unique functions! On October 13, DUET and HONEY will be showcased at 12:30 at the main stage of 3D Print Expo. The presentation will consist of three parts.

The developers will tell about the overarching upgrade of EUPHORIA core that is a new program code designed for MAESTRO. EUPHORIA is used to create MAESTRO 3DWATCHER, a system for remote control and 3D devices management.

The representatives of the abovementioned companies will present a small-sized and cheap kinematic printer DELTA - MAESTRO HONEY. As claimed by the manufacturer, this compact 3D printer demonstrates the same functional capabilities as large-format versions. Besides, it is user-friendly.

What is more, a two-head printer MAESTRO DUET based on the unique TWIN HEAD scheme will be showcased at the event stage. The device is equipped with separate printing heads allowing to work with two material at once thus saving time. According to the developers, this scheme will easily replace dual extruder 3D printing systems. Attendees will also observe MAESTRO SOLO and MAESTRO KIT MKI that would allow to upgrade the already released devices.

Prize drawing from 3D Print Expo sponsors

But there is more! Show Design and PrintProduct will hold a prizes-for-all lottery among 60 attendees. See what you will get if participate in the drawing (anyone can become a participant):

  • certificates for Printproduct plastics with a nominal value of 500, 1000, 3000 RUB;
  • free Printproduct plastic coils;
  • packages of test plastics kits;
  • certificates for MAESTRO 3D printers with a nominal value of 5000, 10 000 and 15 000 RUB;
  • free 3D printing from MAESTRO (time - 48 hours);
  • certificates for GoMake printer components with a nominal value of 300, 700 and 1000 RUB;
  • 16 Gb memory cards.

Take part in the drawing and find out more about new products of 3D Print Expo exclusive sponsors! The event will be held in Moscow on October 12-13, 2018. Visit b5 stand at the exhibition area to see the products of Show Design and PrintProduct.


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