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Slic3r update makes the gradation of layers smoother

 Slic3r update makes the gradation of layers smoother

Famous engineer, Josef Prusa, released an update Prusa Edition for the Slic3r slicer, which extends the functionality of the device. Prusa Edition allows you to smoothly change the thickness of the applied layers in the process of 3D printing, and offers improved algorithms for building support structures.

Thanks to the changes introduced, it is possible to significantly reduce the time required for printing, while the quality of surfaces remains the same or becomes even better. It is particularly visible when working on inclined sections of structures. The technology makes it possible to separately mark parts of the model that need to be printed with greater detail. They are marked on the screen in green being automatically applied by layers of 70 microns switching to the standard 200 microns on unmarked sections. There is also a speed increasing option that includes an inverse smooth gradation up to 250 microns.

 Slic3r update makes the gradation of layers smoother

Algorithms for creating support structures are written in C ++. They optimize the stability of structures, display the consumable filament, prices of used material and other important information blocks. Nevertheless, in the near future the inventor plans to release more functional version of the program, which will increase productivity at G-code generation.



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