A sneak preview of Olaf Diegel's 3D printed saxophone

A sneak preview of Olaf Diegel's 3D printed saxophone

After publishing a video about the manufacturing process for his 3D printed guitars, Olaf Diegel posted another video this week, a sneak preview of his 3D printed saxophone.

Olaf Diegel is famous for making 3d printed guitars, but now he is trying printing a saxophone and 'it sounds pretty much like a saxophone"! said Diegel in the video below.

"I am not a sax player, so be amazed by what 3D printing is capable, rather than by how my awful sax playing might be." notes Diegel.

the sax has 41 components excluding all the springs and screws. And It is printed in nylon, on a SLS machine from 3D Systems, and weighs less than a quarter of a real sax (575grams vs 2.5Kg).

You might notice that a couple of the notes are slightly out of tune because of air leakages, Diegel explained that he designed the saxophone in the way that traditional saxophone is designed. But next time he will redesign it for 3D printing, so the next iteration will be integrating all the springs directly into the keys. "The next iterations will be perfect, I promise!" Diegel said.

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