Sales of Ultimaker 3 desktop 3D printer for professional printing started

Sales of Ultimaker 3 desktop 3D printer for professional printing started

Recently, a new model of custom 3D printer, Ultimaker 3, has hit the market. The desktop device of the new generation allows to print objects with complex geometry of industrial filaments. Besides, total congruence of hardware, software, consumables and initial settings of printing modules provide maximum accuracy and perfect quality of printing.            

Advantages of new Ultimaker model

Ultimaker 3 has a unique system of double filament supply that allows working with a wide variety of engineering consumables. Moreover, the system allows to print in two colors simultaneously.  

3D printer construction includes special “cores” replacing modules designed to deal with Ultimaker consumable materials. Such a solution guarantees consistent quality of printing under minimal maintenance service.      

The smart printer system is based on NFC development, which allows to detect filaments at near field communication. The device work-table is automatically adjustable according to the type of consumable materials. Thus, regardless the fact how experienced the 3D printer specialist is, they will create quality products.      

Ultimaker 3 is equipped with the built-in video camera, allowing to monitor online device operation. Flexible 3D printer interface allows to connect via USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi, which significantly simplifies printing process control.     

Technical characteristics of Ultimaker 3 model

Ultimaker printer of new generation operates on FMD technology. The printing area of one or two nozzles is 215 × 215 × 200 mm and 197 × 215 × 200 mm. The device prints with 20-200 um accuracy, with device positional accuracy on X and Y direction being 12.5 mkm and on Z direction – 2.5 um. Dimension of the device is 342 × 380 × 389 mm.      

Ultimaker 3 can print using nylon, and ABS, PLA, CPE and PVA plastic. The filament diameter is 2.85 mm.    

According to developers, Ultimaker 3 model opens unlimited opportunities for specialists in various industries who want to use additive technologies to develop and promote their own business.  



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