Strong growth for EOS, showcases 3D printers and new PA 1102 black Polymer at Euromold

Strong growth for EOS, showcases 3D printers and new PA 1102 black Polymer at Euromold

Additive manufacturing system producer EOS is announcing new milestones in laser sintering and breakthroughs in plastics at EuroMold 2014 this week.

The company is showcasing the EOS M 400, the additive manufacturing system it launched last year for industrial series production, at this year's EuroMold. The company announced that the pilot phase of EOS M 400 has now been completed and the EOS M 400 itself is now going into series production. With a volume of 400x400x400 mm, the EOS M system has a significantly larger build size for realising new applications in automotive and aerospace industries. The system has a laser with a power of up to 1000 watt which allows the use of new materials that require a higher laser capacity. A recirculating filter system with automated self-cleaning allows for fewer filter changes and longer lifetime.

EOS also brings its new EOS M 290 system, the successor to the established and market-leading EOSINT M 280 which was launched at this year's Rapid.Tech to Germany. The system is designed for the tool-free production of high-quality serial components, spare parts and prototypes. With a build volume of 250 mm x 250 mm x 325 mm, the EOS M 290 permits flexible and economic manufacturing of metal components. The system is available now to purchase.

EOS M 290 Metal Additive Manufacturing system

Today the company has also launched the PA 1102 black polymer material, a material made from renewable resources.

PA 1102 black is a mass-coloured Polyamide 11 material for the manufacturing of deep black, highly resilient parts. Due to its colour, the parts made based on this material are resistant to dirt or discolouration even under most extreme conditions. PA 1102 black has a high flexibility, bendability and impact resistance so that the parts will not split even under excessive load conditions. The materials can be used for serial parts, highly stressed functional models as well as design prototypes.


EOS M 400 direct metal laser-sintering (DMLSTM) system

During material development EOS has closely cooperated with pilot customers. One of them is UK-based company 3T RPD, who, after a number of material tests, are highly satisfied: "The addition of PA 1102 black to our portfolio will be relevant for a wide range of customers and specifically those looking for a 'true black' without the inconsistency or bloom that has been a feature of parts produced with filled powders or surface coloured parts. It will offer an alternative to those customers wanting serial production parts to be used in environments where enhanced mechanical properties are valued such as parts that are regularly handled or knocked" says Dr. Mark Beard, Head of R&D at 3T RPD Ltd.

Dr Hans J Langer, founder and CEO, EOS.

According to the company, as of October 2014, around 1,500 EOS systems were installed worldwide. EOS recorded a 36 per cent increase in turnover in its last financial year to reach sales of €177 million.

The company has also seen a steady increase in the number of employees, with headcount up by 8 percent in the year. At 11 sites around the world, EOS currently has around 540 employees and is planning to raise the figure to 640 by the end of the current financial year.

To help sustain this growth rate, a new 17,000 m² technology and customer centre able to accommodate an additional 300 employees was opened in Krailling, Germany, in the summer of 2014, the firm's silver jubilee year. There and at three other technology centres worldwide, EOS uses about 100 in-house developed R&D systems to further develop additive manufacturing technology, materials and applications.


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