Three Over Seven to introduce custom fit, 3D printed sockless shoes

Three Over Seven to introduce custom fit, 3D printed sockless shoes

Want a new pair of shoes? Simply download the files and click print. But most of 3D printed shoes are still pretty uncomfortable to wear mostly because they're made from hard plastic filaments.

New Zealand-based footwear firm Three Over Seven has a novel method of creating comfortable shoes. Three Over Seven launched a product called the 'Wool Runner' on Kickstarter in February and sold out 1,064 pairs in 4.5 days, raising just under $120,000.

The Wool Runners are made solely from wool. The shoes take advantage of the unique properties of wool - anti-odour, moisture wicking, temperature regulating, and can be worn hygienically without socks. The fabric has got two sides, a soft inner side designed to sit against the skin and a technical side designed to resist dirt on the exterior of the shoe.

Now they are back with a bright new concept: a custom-fit shoe with a 3D-printed sole that uses a mobile app for the sizing. The mobile app allows people to scan their feet using their mobile phones easily and quickly. This scan will then be used to 3D print a pair of soles custom-made for your feet. In general customers could receive tailor-made shoes within 24 hours, says the company.

The team hopes to set up a digital shoe factory in London later this year. Watch the video below an introduction of the Wool Runners from its Kickstarter campaign.




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