“Russia demonstrates enormous potential for 3D printing development,” Commercial Director at Rena Solutions Evgeny Molchanov

“Russia demonstrates enormous potential for 3D printing development,” Commercial Director at Rena Solutions Evgeny Molchanov

Russia demonstrates enormous potential for the additive technologies development. 3D printing allows quick product modification and shorter production time. This opinion was expressed by Commercial Director at the industrial systems integrator Rena Solutions Evgeny Molchanov. The expert will speak at the lecture zone of 3D Print Expo.

We interviewed Evgeny about the advantages of additive technologies in manufacturing, their penetration of the Russian market, and the preparation for 3D printing inclusion in business.

Interviewer: 3D Print Expo (3DP).

Respondent: Evgeny Molchanov (Е.М.).

3DP: How can additive technologies improve traditional manufacturing? Which process parameters does it affect?

Е.М.: Unlike the traditional technologies, additive ones are flexible allowing any changes of product parameters, which is the main advantage. Taking into account the multi-functionality of products existing on the market, innovations are to be implemented quickly. So, 3D printing is not to be neglected.

The production of implants is a good example. Due to additive technologies, it’s currently possible to make a customized implant in less than 24 hours. What is more, the final implant does not require further improvements, which reduces anesthetic time, mitigates risks, and tremendously shortens a recovery period.

Speaking about general machinery, the inclusion of additive technologies reduces both the new product campaign and modification. This grants manufacturers an opportunity to win new markets.

It’s important to understand that only the IT infrastructure of an enterprise providing a gateway to the advantages of additive technologies may bring the maximum economic effect.

3DP: How popular are additive technologies in Russia? In which spheres?

Е.М.: When it comes to Russia, two important peculiarities can be outlined. The first — a pretty minor position of Russia in global production. The second — Russian entrepreneurs mainly manufacture small-batch products with high added value. These segments include aviation, space, transport and atomic building. Auto industry presented by international manufacturers is the exception.

Taking into account these two facts, it’s true to say that such conditions expose the enormous potential for the development of additive technologies. This leads to a number of industry investigations in the sphere of 3D printing. It should be noted that businesses generally demonstrate a pretty high interest in 3D printing but the practice of additive technologies application is not widely used in Russia.

3DP: What is the pace of the 3D printing inclusion in Russia and worldwide?

Е.М.: As reported by the global leading equipment manufacturers, Russia dramatically falls behind with the U.S. market and stands at the level of Eastern European countries.

3DP: Which particular problems do the Russian enterprises face when implementing additive technologies?

Е.М.: I cannot claim the existence of specific problems the Russian enterprises face, even in terms of the privacy of the number of segments. Technological development of manufacturing has been a global matter for several decades, so the Russian industry is only part of it.

3DP: Which steps should the companies moving from traditional technologies to additional ones take? Who to address and what to focus on?

Е.М.: The shortest and the most cost-efficient way is to conduct technology audit in order to recognize the need in additive technologies. This would give you the primary understanding of the further strategy.

Currently, expert examinations are carried out for the qualitative assessment of economic advantages of such modernization. Taking into account a number of methods for the additive technologies inclusion, such an approach can mitigate risks.

3DP: What issues will you address during your presentation at 3D Print Expo? Please, describe your target audience. Who will take a particular interest in this event? Who will benefit from it most of all?

Е.М.: I will tell how digital technologies penetrate manufacturing. They transform parameters of all industry segments, which opens up new horizons of business development. That is why my presentation is primarily addressed to tech entrepreneurs interested in additive technologies.

Evgeny Molchanov will take the floor at the lecture zone of 3D Print Expo scheduled for October 12. He will deliver a presentation dedicated to the complex approach towards the integration of additive technologies into business processes.


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