Scientists invent unique way of 3D printing in water

Scientists invent unique way of 3D printing in water

Researchers from the University of North Carolina have invented a new way of 3D printing using fluid silicon rubber in dry or humid environment. The technology allows to create pore and flexible structures even under water.

It was sand castles constructed by kids on the coast that inspired the team of American scientists to the new invention. Project authors have decided to use fluid silicon rubber as ink, because it leads to stable compounds formation between tiny knots of this material in case of watering. In the same way, sand turns into a construction material in case of adding some water.

Учёные изобрели уникальный способ 3D-печати в воде

The new printing technology does not require expensive equipment. The multifunctional system consists of simple components. The whole point is that silicon becomes sticky and elastic when exposed to humidity, allowing to create any complex items.

One of ways of applying the new solution is printing soft bandages with medicinal drugs on patient bodies.

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