Learn about the potential of industrial 3D printing from Ostec’s expert at 3D Print Expo 2016

Learn about the potential of industrial 3D printing from Ostec’s expert at 3D Print Expo 2016

How additive technologies influence the course of the Fourth Industrial Revolution? What technologies are most sought-after in the market today?  What hinders the implementation of 3D printing in manufacturing? These and other issues will be highlighted by experts of Ostec corporate group as part of the exhibition-conference 3D Print Expo 2016, which will take place in ECC Sokolniki on November 17-18.

On the first day of the event, speakers Anton Bolshakov and Sergey Ivanov will give a presentation on the topic “Additive manufacturing – the key element of Industry 4.0 conception. Where are we now?”

During the presentation, specialists will provide relevant analytical market data, and review the issues related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the position of additive technologies in this conception.   

The Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 got its name from the initiative group of 2011, headed by businessmen, politicians and scientists. Experts defined it as a means of improving competitiveness of the manufacturing industry through intensive integration of “cyber-physical systems” in manufacturing processes.

Supporters of such manner of manufacture believe that Industry 4.0 has the potential to change the definition of human labour. As machines can fulfill repeated routine tasks in manufacturing with much higher efficiency than people, these tasks will be largely automated.

Ostec corporate group is striving to build the manufacturing of the future already today. Organization supplies qualitative equipment for industrial 3D printing and scanning, realizes projects on equipping industrial enterprises, and has its own center, where it fulfills orders connected with 3D printing and casting.

Marketing director at Ostec, Anton Bolshakov, has huge experience working in the sphere of strategy development for market launch and promotion of new products.

Apart from participating in the conference, Ostec will showcase its proprietary developments in the exhibition zone. You will be able to have a look at advanced solutions on creation of 3D models, prototypes and end products with the help of 3D printing at the booth № b 8.1.

Come to ECC Sokolniki on November 17-18 to get acquainted with the progressive developments of Ostec corporate group and other leaders in the sphere of additive technologies. Registration for the event: http://3d-expo.ru/ru/register.

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