Laba.Space - a new techno coworking space for adults and children in Moscow

 Laba.Space - a new techno coworking space for adults and children in Moscow

A unique techno coworking space for adults and children Laba.Space was opened in Moscow. The workshop has CNC machines, 3D printers, locksmithing and carpentry equipment.

The idea of opening the workshop belongs to an architect Nikolay Mikheev and the co-founder of Soviet Slot machines Museum Maxim Pinigin. The state helped in implementing the idea, authors got a 7 million rubles grant.

The founders say that the coworking space will become a perfect platform for architects, designers, engineers, developers and everyone who is interested in innovations. The studio can be used for a long period of time or for short-term work. In any case, the lab will help you bring any creative idea to life. And it doesn’t matter what it is - a 3D printed satellite development or a unique stool creation.

There are also almost no age limits. Laba.Space equipment can be used by high school seniors, college students, different companies’ employees, etc. Authors of this project believe that revolutionary ideas are born at the intersection of different disciplines, so they want to gather people of different ages and specializations on the platform.

Laba.Space will regularly give lectures on various innovative disciplines, and plans to do all sorts of workshops. Classes on robotics, 3D printing and modeling, industrial design, VR and AR technologies, animation, etc. will start here in September.

The workshop is located at 13 Myasnitskaya Street.

Learn more - on the website.


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