First 3D printed house built in Yaroslavl

First 3D printed house built in Yaroslavl

Russian company AMT-Spetsavia build a 3D printed 298.5 square meter house in Yaroslavl. People will soon move in to a new building.

It took the specialists 2 years to build a house. Engineers used S-6044 printer to manufacture the components: they printed the walls, the tower and decorative details, and then assemble everything as a construction kit, on the construction site.

3D Print Expo: First 3D printed house built in Yaroslavl

It took engineers one month to install all the elements. Roofing works last for June, July and August of this year, at the same time painters were working on the interior decor. Now the house is finished and ready to host new residents.

According to experts, the construction of such a building costs 1.3 – 1.6 times cheaper than the usual method of construction. The main reasons are no human factor and fully automated processes. It will be even cheaper to build 3D printed houses in the future.

This new house is special because it was not just built with the help of additive technologies, but it also is the first 3D printed house in Europe and CIS.


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