3D Print Expo will featureminiature 3D figures from 3D Atelier

3D Print Expo will featureminiature 3D figures from 3D Atelier

If in 19th century families paid artists for portraits of the whole family, in 20th century families dressed up and went to photographic parlor, today, when everybody has camera in his phone, we can order miniature 3D copies of ourselves.

Realistic mini-figure can be used not only as a souvenir or a gift. 3D statuettes can also become part of the advertising campaign to attract attention to your company and acquire new associates and customers.

3D Print Expo dedicated to advanced technology of three-dimensional printing will help you get acquainted with the services of modeling and printing three-dimensional image using 3D technologies.

Thus, company 3D Ateliercreating miniature human figures with the help of 3D technologies will be one of the exhibitors of the show.

When working with objects, 3D Atelieruses specialized equipment and years of experience of professional technologists. The company provides full range of services for implementation of your ideas.

3D Atelier does:
• three-dimensional image of a person or any part of his body;
• printing of three-dimensional model of the future item of equipment of any size and complexity;
• 3D printing of any object.

At the exhibition company representatives will delight guests with original gifts - such as figures of real people; they will also tell about 3D scanning of human full-length, and will share how to create cheap and easy to make decorations.

Visit 3D Print Expo - there will be a lot of fun!

We are waiting for you at 3D Print Expo to be held 23-25October 2014 in Moscow exhibition and convention center "Sokolniki"; the show will become one of the biggest events in the CIS and Eastern Europe dedicated to advanced 3D printing and scanning technology.

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