3D Print Expo:сrowd technologies in 3D printing. Innovation in action

3D Print Expo:сrowd technologies in 3D printing. Innovation in action

Emergence of projects based on collective intellectual creativity, for example Wikipedia, demonstrated unique human feature: people are willing to work if they are invited to do so. And certainly there are those who are willing not only to give the information, but to solve your problem.

At 3D Print Expo to be held on 23-25 ​​October 2014 in Moscow exhibition and convention center "Sokolniki"  you can find out how to transform the company, find an idea, raise money or become famous with the help of the "crowd", will also get to know about the state of innovation industry in Russia and ways to develop it.  

Sergey Marshak, Deputy General Director of "M-Store", will speak at this industry event. The topic of his report is as follows: "Using crowd technologies to create 3D printing infrastructure."


• identifying needs of the industry with the help of crowdminding;
• organization of public 3D printing points with the help of crowdfunding;
• new production activities with the help of crowdinvesting;
• organization of online 3D model libraries by analogy with image banks;
• delivery of finished products with the help of crowdlogistics. 

More information about speaker:

Before 2006, Sergei Marshak worked in furniture industry. In 2006-2013 he was an employee of Internet company AdFox (Deputy Chief Operations Officer), in 2013-2014 worked in advertising network SMI2 (Deputy General Director).

Since June 2014 works in advertising agency "M-Store".

Sergey gave lessons in school of online marketing "Netology", and has performed and organized sections on industry conferences namely RIW, CIB+RIF, SPIC, etc.

Join 3D Print Expo – it will be interesting!

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