3D Printed Gold Jewelry Featured In Hong Kong

3D Printed Gold Jewelry Featured In Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Fair is about to open and it's going to feature some beautiful, cutting-edge 3D printed pieces along with a very special Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) 3D printer. The exhibitor behind the pieces, Cookson Precious Metals plans to show off their new line of 3D printed jewelry along with their new EOS Precious M 080 3D printer. Visitors to the fair will get a chance to see the printer in action while they take a look at the CAD-designed jewelry.

Some of the pieces included in the display will be the "Towe Bracelet", the "Nervous Systems Ring" and a laser sintered watch case and pendant. Each of the pieces was designed by a different artist. They have recently partnered with EOS to offer their DMLS 3D printing service to jewelry designers around the world. The Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Fair gives them a perfect place to show off the service, the printer and the products they can provide.

 3D Printed Gold Jewelry Featured In Hong Kong

"The particular beauty of Additive Manufacturing is that it can be used to produce both one-off pieces as well as large scale production eliminating many process steps and tooling costs that we see today," said Stella Layton, CEO of Cookson. "This technology is affordable, compact and provides a trendsetting manufacturing solution to the watch and jewelry industry."

You can take a look at the EOS Precious M 080 3D printer in action here:

3D printing has also recently been used to create a replica of the Russian Crown Jewels and a startup called Makoo allows its users to design 3D printed jewelry with their voice.

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