3D Printed Ring for a Memorable Marriage Proposal

3D Printed Ring for a Memorable Marriage Proposal
Every year proposals and pre-wedding buzz are becoming more and more sophisticated and refined. Every couple wants to have it all different.  Alwin Wong also made a scenario of a heartwarming and memorable marriage proposal.

It all started a year ago when he decided to make his own design of an engagement ring. He set to work on the Chinese New Year and he was looking for a suitable alternative for a few months. He created a model of the ring with the help of a special program and turned his attention to every detail up to the first letters of his choice's name on the reverse side of the ring.

Throughout his planning and preparation, his girlfriend Sarah Yong had no idea of his plans.

Alwin sent the final design to Makerzone, for the design to be printed and to test the design strength. Most importantly, Alwin wanted to make sure that the tip of the cathedral claws, which are the claws holding the stone, are strong enough to hold the diamond in place. He reprinted the ring three times because he believed that his future wife deserved all the best.

3D-печатное кольцо для запоминающегося предложения руки и сердца - 1

The finalized large-scale 3D prototype was then brought to a jewellery store as a reference for the actual ring to be made of precious metal with diamonds. The ring was finally made after 2 weeks. “Sarah gave me a budget for the ring, but I didn’t tell her the actual price of the ring because it should remain as a mystery,” Wong cheekily said when asked about the price of the ring.

The ring box for the ring was also custom-made!

Wong contacted William Coleman, who has an online shop on Etsy. William used sycamore and brown walnut to make a wooden ring box. A heart-shaped wooden piece was added to the front of the box with the letter ‘S’ engraved on it. It took about two and a half weeks for the box to be made and shipped from U.S. to Malaysia.

Finally, decorations were set, scene was ready. With the help of his friends Wong laid out his proposal with giant pink letters on a green lawn. Well, who could refuse that? And of course, she said yes. Her response was met with thunderous applause and congratulations of their friends.



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