3D-printer made at workshop in Minsk

3D-printer made at workshop in Minsk

Last weekend there was a special event held in Minsk, where experts of different fields worked together to solve pressing issues of the city.

Hack for Future – is the event that has become a kind of Olympics for creative professionals from various fields. For half a day of non-stop work they have created wonderful projects in programming, engineering, design and architecture.

Participants worked with their hands and heads for the city and it resulted in quite specific and realistic projects.

 3D-printer made at workshop in Minsk  1

Thus, they have developed designer playgrounds, database of dreams of visually challenged, low-cost electronic guide for blind, availability map, which contains information about public facilities of Minsk for people with disabilities.

Also other projects have been proposed, among them: catalogues of Minsk street curbs (website collecting information on every curb of Minsk - photos, descriptions, comments, story) and audio tactile models of monuments. But the main triumphator of the meeting was a 3D printer, made by a team led by Pavel Kumeyshi.

 3D-printer made at workshop in Minsk  2

 Project to develop the device began in the spring and ended last weekend. The team demonstrated possibilities of 3D printer - printed logos, layouts and details of various trinkets. During the workshop it was possible to fully explore the specifics of work of three-dimensional device. 

At this point, the goal of the developers is to ensure maximum autonomy and availability of the device.

3D-printer made at workshop in Minsk  3

Attention to 3D printer has once again proved that it is necessary to develop this technology and make it more accessible.

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