3D printing using text paper from MG at 3D Print Expo

3D printing using text paper from MG at 3D Print Expo

List of exhibitors thematic exhibition dedicated to advanced 3D printing technology has expanded - Megapolis Group (MG), the official distributor of 3D printers Mcor in Russia has joined the exhibition.

MG is a part of holding "Dialogue of Cultures". Currently company is engaged in development of 3D printing in Russia and uses printers of Mcor Technologies for this purpose. In Megapolis Group they believe that Mcor 3D printers are among leaders of 3d printing market.

In Mcor printers only simple, cheap and environmentally friendly material is used to print full-color photorealistic 3D objects. These printers are believed to be best for modeling, package design and testing of ergonomics. This is possible due to low cost of materials which is only 5 % of materials cost of any other 3D printing technology.

In rapid prototyping technology to create solid and photorealistic models 3D printers Mcor IRIS use usual text paper of A4 size. These printers are ideal for vast scope of applications in such areas as industrial production, education, geospatial data (GIS), architecture (AEC), fine arts, entertainment, medicine and customer service.

MG mission is to provide everybody with available, high-quality and modern tools and resources, facilitate process of 3D objects production, and give way to innovations.

Only at 3D Print Expo you will have an opportunity to see products of MegapolisGroup, learn about opportunities 3D printing using text paper and ask company representatives any questions you might be interested in.

3D Print Expo will open new possibilities of 3D printing in various spheres of human activity. Join exhibition 3D Print Expo to be held 13-14 February in ECC "Sokolniki", Moscow!


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