3D.Ru again at 3D Print Expo!

3D.Ru again at 3D Print Expo!

One of the first online stores selling 3D printing equipment will take part in 3D Print Expo to be held on 23-25 October 2014 in Moscow ECC "Sokolniki".

Millions of people around the world take the opportunities of 3D printing. In Russia, this service is also gaining popularity. Many designers, architects and advertising agencies are using three-dimensional printing technology to improve efficiency of their work.

There are not so many online stores that sell 3D equipment in RuNet. 3D.Ru is one of the first online stores selling equipment for 3D printing and scanning in Russia.

3D.Ru is the official dealer of 3D Systems in Russia. Online store sells home and industrial 3D printers.

At 3D.Ru it will take only a few minutes to turn your virtual idea into a three-dimensional reality - the company has wide variety of ready-made models for printing. 3D.Ru also provides a «mini-me» service - creating thumbnails-copy of yourself or another person.

3D.Ru is an online store that does everything quickly, efficiently and affordably, providing the latest equipment, technologies and materials for 3D printing and scanning. 3D.Ru provides services both for  professionals and beginners.

It is the second time the company will participate in 3D Print Expo. This year representatives of 3D.Ru will speak about their new products and technologies. 3D.Ru experts will also share their experience in online sale of 3D equipment, will tell about different printing technologies and possibilities of using manufactured products.

3D Print Expo is unique for the Russian innovative market show dedicated to three-dimensional printing and scanning technology, which shows the development of 3D technology and will demonstrate how this technology works. The largest companies, online shops, services etc., engaged in manufacture and sale of equipment for three-dimensional printing and scanning have already confirmed their participation in exhibition.

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