Seven fresh ideas for a 3D printing startup

Seven fresh ideas for a 3D printing startup

3D printing is definitely a modern technological trend. And as additive technologies industry is relatively young, it is easy to occupy one of the vacant market niches. There are lots of ideas how to start your own business in the sphere of 3D printing. Especially for you, we have chosen the most interesting ones.

Seven ideas for a successful startup in the sphere of 3D technologies

1. Creation of souvenirs, jewelry, presents, etc.

With an ordinary user 3D printer, you can start the customized manufacturing of any products, including computer games characters, stylish decorations, interior items, original souvenirs, miniature copies of people, etc.

There are many examples of successful realization: self-taught artist Melissa Ng from Lumecluster that creates 3D printed costumes, founders of LeFabShop that print decorative items for homes, etc.

2. Print of tailor-made prostheses or orthoses

The best business projects are the ones that allow solving vital world problems. Today many people need high-quality and inexpensive prostheses, orthoses and additional accessories, such as 3D printed prosthetic covers.

One of the brightest examples of such production is Motorica company that creates functional traction prostheses for upper limbs. Meanwhile, there are few of such companies, so the niche can be considered vacant.

3. Creation of tactile 3D maps

Tactile 3D maps allow blind and visually impaired people to learn the peculiarities of landscape, architecture and sightseeing attractions of a specific location. Moreover, world and even lunar maps can be created. 3D maps will also prove useful for teaching, design, researches, etc.

  Finland-based Versateq printed such additive atlases for technological startup Slush.

4. Restaurant that serves 3D printed food

Many experts believe that food 3D printers will be found in every kitchen. And for now, they can become a zest of any café or restaurant. A 3D printer can be disposed to the general public to observe the fascinating process of culinary masterpieces creation. That’s what the owners of the famous pop-up restaurant Food Ink do, which was opened early this year and is travelling all around the world now.

5. Print of car component parts

How often do small details get out of order, requiring buying the whole kit? With a 3D printer, you can print just one necessary detail, and it will cost you less than ordering a genuine part. So why not to build a business on it?

You can 3D print wheel covers, headlight washer covers, clips, cabin blind plugs, various interior items, gears, door lock boxes, etc. Such service enjoys lots of popularity in 3D printing studios.

6. Prototyping services

Many designers, architects, engineers and other specialists have to develop the layout of the future object. A 3D printer allows doing it much quicker, cheaper and more convenient. Besides that, the readymade product is of better quality.

There are many 3D prototyping studios, but it is never late to enter this market. The main thing is to offer high quality at a reasonable price.

7. 3D printing courses

As our future will be tightly connected with additive technologies, companies will need qualified specialists that know how to work with 3D printers, scanners, modeling programs, etc. If you have the required knowledge and skills, you can share them and make good money on it. 

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