qbed Will Present Wearable Art Concept in 3D Print Expo Art Gallery

qbed Will Present Wearable Art Concept in 3D Print Expo Art Gallery

3D Print Expo photo zone will feature a sculpture by Kristina Ryumina (qbed). The object designed from a photopolymer and glanced with five gold-plated silver earrings with pearls was created on the basis of the photographic self portrait.

Exhibition art gallery will present a 3Dprinted photopolymeric sculpture titled “Think twice of what to think”. Additive technologies were involved within two stages of design: printing the sculpture itself, and creating the jewelry elements.

Author of the object is an artist, 3D printing enthusiast, 3D sculptor and jewelry designer Kristina Ryumina. She created a sculpture model basing on her portrait, and 3D printed it with photopolymeric materials in partnership with 3DPrintus.

One of the most interesting peculiarities of this project is a ‘wearable art’ concept. Wearable elements here are the gold-plated earrings with a message. Artist has been working on the design for several months.

Kristina Ryumina is visionary of qbed – a brand that is developing three sectors: creating art objects with 3D printing, development of unique jewelry as wearable art and promoting of a web portal dedicated to additive technologies and their application in real life.

Art gallery at 3D Print Expo will present a 3D sculptor’s project, welcoming guests to take pictures with a unique “Think twice of what to think” sculpture.

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