British Scientists Aim To Cure Brain Cancer Using 3D Printing

British Scientists Aim To Cure Brain Cancer Using 3D Printing

British scientists have managed to recreate the natural biological environment for growing cancerous cell using 3D printing technology, in order to be able to test various pharmaceutical products. Scientists think that this new concept could successfully cure brain cancer and malignant tumors.

Testing of the treatment methods on artificially grown cancer tumors is not a new thing for the doctors. However, malignant tumors evolving outside of the organism are different from their internal analogies, thus it’s not always possible to choose the necessary efficient medication for treatment.

Team of researchers led by Dr. Will Shu has developed an improved system of growing the cancer cells acting similar to those stemming in the human body. In order to create items for medication testing, scientists used additive technologies. It made it possible to get malignant cells growing and developing pretty quickly, and find more efficient treatment method faster.

Dr. Shu is confident that this new technique would drastically advance the oncological diseases therapy, and due to 3D printing development, medical professionals all over the world will soon make use of this innovative method.

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