Chocolate Festival Will Unveil Secrets of Confectionary 3D Printing

Chocolate Festival Will Unveil Secrets of Confectionary 3D Printing

Have you ever dreamed of a real chocolate world? Would you like to see how tasty butter and cocoa mixture takes shape of hearts, castles, letters and figures in just few seconds? You can fulfill your dream now!

Everything is possible at 3D Print Expo Chocolate Festival, which will take place on 23-25 of October in ECC Sokolniki. Festival aims to demonstrate new artistic style and show which kind of masterpieces 3D printer can produce when used with proper skills.

Specially equipped presentations floor would be a great place to watch chocolate extruder in 3D printing action. This 3D printer has been assembled by Russian specialists and demonstrated its possibilities at the previous 3D Print Expo exhibition that drawn a lot of success in February.

Also, ChocEdge specialists promise to share their secrets of success and valuable experience. The company is a leader of 3D printing technologies application in chocolate design and manufacturing. ChocEdge delivers modern 3D printers and makes exclusive and custom chocolate masterpieces.

Today experts say that chocolate 3D printing technology will drive chocolate art to the new level and improve taste qualities of end products. And if you consider yourself a chocolate art professional or enthusiast, or just interested in 3D printing and innovational technologies, visit 3D Print Expo and enjoy this amazing and useful experience.

Welcome to the world of innovational technologies!

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