Dmitriy Postelnik: 3D printing for development of education

Dmitriy Postelnik: 3D printing for development of education

Many states and Russia in particular are aware of the necessity to provide its population with training of 3D printing skills. Recently the first group of Tyumen-based teachers have got their qualifications in teaching 3D printing in general educational institutions.

It should be noted that 3D modeling, namely knowledge of software packages to create three-dimensional graphics is an important discipline in development of additive technology. One of recognized anchors of modern 3D modeling is software by Autodesk.

Therefore, Dmitriy Postelnik, director on cooperation with educational and scientific organizations of Autodesk CIS, regular participant of the conference will speak at 3D Print Expo.

Dmitriy Y. Postelnik holds position of director on education programs development in Autodesk in Russia and the CIS countries, Ph.D. in engineering science with over 20 years experience directly in higher education.

At the conference 3D Print Expo he will speak about technology, educational resources and initiatives of Autodesk Inc. The speaker will share his experience of implementing lessons on 3D printing in curriculum of secondary and higher education institutions, and will talk about interesting specialized courses on 3D printing and modeling.

Participants of 3D Print Expo will learn more details and the venues of the courses.  



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