Exclusive 3D printed furniture

Exclusive 3D printed furniture

Dutch designer Eric Klarenbeek presented 3D printed chair made of organic materials. It is an amazing piece of art that consists of organic materials only – chair is made of material with mycelium, straw and water. Klarenbeek piece of art illustrates the possibility of incorporating natural materials in arts and crafts and production processes.

The main component of 3D printed chair is mycelium - vegetative part of fungus. Fungus filament grows in the form of branches and sometimes it creates strikingly beautiful figures. Klarenbeek used properties of this material and developed a unique expressive design of his products and even added mushroom spawn to decorate this piece of furniture.

Working with scientists from Aachen University designer has developed new organic materials for 3D printing. This is fine fiber made from a mixture of fungi mycelium, straw and water.

This is also worth noting that after the object was 3D printed, mycelium inside it continued to develop and grow. To keep the original design and stop the process of mycelium growth Klarenbeek has covered his chair with layer of bio plastic.

According to Klarenbeek, even though rather unusual shape and design of the chair, it is very comfortable to sit and relax. Designer believes that such a fine fiber can be used to print larger objects - from basic furniture pieces to structural panels and even buildings.

Is there any 3D printed furniture and interior design items in Russia? You can find out at the exhibition of advanced 3D printing technology 3D Print Expo to be held February 13- 14 in ECC "Sokolniki" (Moscow).

Visit the exhibition and learn about innovations of millennium!

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