The future of educationis in3D printers!

The future of educationis in3D printers!

Today, 3D-printing is a popular subject for debate. That is it that allows us to see the imprint of the face of a child who is still in the womb, make artificial limbs for humans and animals, printed cars, houses, musical instruments and even Van Gogh's ear.

That is true that if we do not buy a thing, but do it with our own hands, our attitude towards it becomes special. Apparently, the recipe for success of 3D printing is in providing a possibility to feel as if you are an inventor. And therefore, there is no doubt that 3D printer will increase effectiveness of the learning process and provide us with opportunities to again knowledge much faster.

3D printer provides you with opportunities to design items that were unavailable in the past. Thanks to the device, everything that was designed on a computer using 3D programs can be implemented in real life.

This point becomes extremely important in education, because quickening interest in students teacher quickly establishes contact with them. Young people are proud that they can do everything with their own hands. Becoming creators, students get the opportunity to lead the process, and it is dramatically changing their way of thinking.

Thanks to 3D printer, it becomes possible to create visual aids for classrooms, student classrooms and kindergartens. Such equipment can be installed in the classroom. It is highly reliable, printing process is not harmful for health, and there are no special requirements for recycling. Plus such machines do not have cutting materials and lasers.

If you are interested in technology, then we invite you to visit First Russia’s D.I.Y. Makeit! Show to be held on 30-31 August 2014. 3D PrintExpo will take part in the show and our stand will be next to 3D printers section. It is also planned to create 3D cafe where enjoying a cup of tea you will have a chance to listen to fascinating story about the limitless possibilities of innovative equipment, that in the near future is sure to be in every classroom.

See you at Makeit! Show!

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