How 3D Printing Will Change Art. Find Out At 3D Print Expo!

How 3D Printing Will Change Art. Find Out At 3D Print Expo!

Modern artists and scientists have no doubts that 3D printing is going to revolutionize our world and bring new life to painting, sculpture and architecture. Today artists and sculptors can easily overcome previous limitations and conventional forms. There’s nothing easier than making a copy of art objects or your own masterpiece using a 3D printer!

You can make sure that’s true at the incredible event which will take place on 23-25 of October, 2014 in ECC Sokolniki. 3D Print Expo will change your vision of modern art and let you immerse in 3D art!

Visitors are going to enjoy art gallery and workshops, as well as 3D printing session.

Art gallery will demonstrate works of gifted artists and designers who create unusual 3D paintings and models. It’s supposed that an artist Maksim Kashirskiy and producer Aleksandr Hollander, 3D MINT project creators who have their own vision of money design in Russia, will be among the participants. They will present coins, honors, jewellery and sculptures made by 3D modeling.

Workshop will unveil some secrets of 3D printing, for example, you’ll learn objects modeling basics, find out how to prevent typical 3D printing mistakes, and see the whole process from making a virtual model to its actual printing

Everyone interested can sign up for workshop today!

All participants will make sure that 3D printing is not only amusing but also easy and affordable. At 3D printing session visitors will be able to create their own models and print them.

But that’s not all! Keep up with latest news to find out what kind of surprises SmileЕxpo, exhibition organizers, have prepared for visitors.

Welcome to the world of technologies that will change our life!



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