How can a 3D printer save our planet? Find out at 3D Print Expo

How can a 3D printer save our planet? Find out at 3D Print Expo

Currently, the production is within the intersection of the two industrial revolutions, one of which involves the processing of environmental raw materials, and the other - the development of three-dimensional printing. The experts of the Chinese company ESUN are sure that the use of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials in the 3D printing provides new opportunities for business.

Therefore ESUN, a manufacturer of environmentally friendly materials for a 3D printer, will again visit 3D Print Expo!

ESUN has been operating on the market for more than 10 years, and all this time it has been actively participating in industry conferences and exhibitions, among them - the first 3D Print Expo, which took place in February this year.

At 3D Print Expo experts will talk about the latest trends in the market of three-dimensional printing, new opportunities of using ecological raw materials and the results that have been achieved during the year.

ESUN team has been investigating materials for the three-dimensional printing for 7 years. The Company has its own research and development centres, where it studies the synthesis of materials, their modification and application. The product range consists of a PLA-plastic, ABS plastic, PVA-plastic (polyvinylacetate, water soluble), HIPS, polyamide, polycaprolactone.

In addition to the above products, in 2014 ESUN launched a special filament to clean the extruder of a 3D printer. The filament is white and has high thermal stability. It can withstand temperatures from 150 °C to 260 °C.

This is the first and only such a filament in the world, which is designed in order to conduct the cleaning of a 3D printer nozzle of the highest quality. It can be used for regular maintenance of the print head and in order to switch the high and low temperature of the materials.

Hurry up to become a participant of a grand event, dedicated to the advanced technology of the future - a three-dimensional printing!

3D Print Expo, an exhibition of advanced technologies of three-dimensional printing and scanning, will be held on October 23-25, 2014 at the Sokolniki ECC.

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