How to Choose a Desktop 3D Printer? Find out at 3D Print Expo!

How to Choose a Desktop 3D Printer? Find out at 3D Print Expo!

Today modern technologies rule the world, and one of them is 3D printing. More and more people are using these innovations for their business and household requirements.

If you want to purchase a 3D printer but don’t know the criteria that you should take into account choosing one, visit 3D Print Expo Exhibition-Conference on 23-25 of October, 2014, in ECC Sokolniki, Moscow, and find out everything about the modern 3D printing technologies.

As part of theme Conference, Aleksandr Kornveyts, CEO at Tsvetnoi Mir, will make a presentation “Secrets of choosing a 3D printer for each customer”.

The speech will be devoted to matter of choosing the right 3D printer for each specific customer. Having a huge experience in communicating with potential clients, the speaker will address the issues of 3D printing misguiding beliefs and myths, as well as properties of various 3D printing materials.

Information about the speaker:

Aleksandr Kornveyts has been working in IT since 1997. Together with partners, in 2008 he established Tsvetnoy Mir that supplies IT equipment for major companies like Aeroflot, Sportmaster, Rosatom, L’Etual, Miratorg etc.

In 2013, the company began distributing 3D equipment and today Tsvetnoy Mir can be considered a leader of distributor agreements with manufacturers of 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D pens and materials for 3D printing.

This is going to be interesting! Visit 3D Print Expo and find out the most up-to-date information firsthand!

In 2014, 3D Print Expo is going to be even more massive, grand and exciting!


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