How to make the world of 3D scanning available to everyone? Find out it at 3D Print Expo!

How to make the world of 3D scanning available to everyone? Find out it at 3D Print Expo!

Dear friends, we hasten to please you with the great news! At the exhibition 3D Print Expo you will be able to see products of the German company DAVID Vision Systems GmbH, a manufacturer of laser systems of 3D scanning and 3D systems based on innovative technology of structured illumination.

The company is a developer of the world famous software DAVID, allowing in a matter of minutes to create 3D models, to measure objects and to conduct a comparative analysis.

DAVID Vision Systems GmbH believes that in future 3D scanning will be available throughout the world. Given that the products of other manufacturers cost today thousands of Euros, DVS with its DAVID Laserscanner (a laser scanning device) has had significant impact on prices at the market.

Information about company:

DAVID Vision Systems GmbH was founded in Germany in the city of Koblenz. It is engaged in the creation of 3D scanners and unique software for 3D scanning. The company's products have established themselves in Germany and are now available in more than 50 countries around the world. Earlier this year, DAVID Vision Systems GmbH presented its new product - 3D scanner SLS-2.


Scope of application of scanners: rapid prototyping, quality control, product presentation, archaeology, engineering, computer animation, video games.

It is so interesting!

Come to 3D Print Expo and get acquainted with DAVID Vision Systems GmbH!

We are waiting for you at 3D Print Expo, which will be held on October 23-25, 2014 in Moscow exhibition centre "Sokolniki" and will become one of the biggest events in the CIS countries and Eastern Europe dedicated to advanced technology of 3D printing and scanning.

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