MIT engineers to make FDM printing faster

MIT engineers to make FDM printing faster

Despite the fact that FDM printing is becoming more and more qualitative and available, some of its aspects are still disappointing. Namely, speed of model recreation that is still too low. Experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have determined reasons causing slow operation of 3D printers.

to MIT engineers, printing speed depends on the hold-down wheel mechanism, accounting for filament supply. 60 N force affects a bobbin and filament feed rate is 9 mm/s. It allows a 3D printer to work with the speed of 10-30 cm3/h. In fact, operation time depends on pressure required to push polymer through a printing head. However, if a polymer core is heated insufficiently, the mechanism won’t be able to push it quickly.

have not only specified the problem but also found its solution. Particularly, it is filament pre-heating or using of several extruders that can help to speed up additive production. Besides, 3D printing quality and resolution will remain pretty high.

3D printing speed-up technology is being developed by the team of researchers, including engineers from MIT, Binghamton University and New York University. Scientists’ work is financed by the United States Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin Company.

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