Innovative New Year presents for children

Innovative New Year presents for children

It’s a nice idea to choose high-tech presents in our times of high technologies. For example, those that we have listed below.

3D printer

Yes, indeed! Simple and safe models that allow printing simple objects from nontoxic materials have been available for quite a long period of time. Such 3D printers are manufactured by Yehaaw and XYZprinting, for instance. And they cost less than their gimmicky analogues.

Using a 3D printer, the kid will be able to create toys and become an owner of the unique toys collection, which nobody else will have. Simultaneously, he will learn the subtleties of 3D printing and 3D modeling, as the object must be designed before printing!

Some words about 3D modeling: 3Doodler company has developed an original 2D/3D editor called Transform. It allows turning ordinary paper paintings into three-dimensional models for further 3D printing. Just imagine what opportunities are opened for children with such technologies!

3D pens

This tool can amaze adults as well as children.  It allows drawing straight in the air, creating real three-dimensional figures. A special plastic thread is used instead of ink. It solidifies quite fast.

One of the most well-known manufacturers of such gadgets is the abovementioned 3Doodler company. Its 3Doodler Start uses PLA plastics to draw. A small nozzle, hidden inside the pen, melts plastics to its liquid state, so that it becomes possible to draw with it. Created models are hot, and need some time to cool off; otherwise you can burn your fingers. But the drawings cool down almost immediately.

If you are afraid to give such a device to your child, there is an alternative – CreoPop. This 3D pen draws with photopolymer resins that solidify thanks to the special LED lighting, so there is no risk to burn fingers. But it costs more.



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