3ddreams craft workshop will show superhero costumes at 3D Print Expo 2016

3ddreams craft workshop will show superhero costumes at 3D Print Expo 2016

Bright images, unusual ideas – talented crafters from 3ddreams create incredible costumes for cosplayers, using 3D printing to implement their unique plans. Due to their efforts, the real world will face flamboyant characters of movies, games, anime, and comics. You will be able to see these uncommon characters on November 17-18 at 3D Print Expo 2016 where 3ddreams representatives will come to show their skills.           

3D Print Expo 2016 is the major event of the year dedicated to additive technologies. Besides the thematic conference, awesome display of 3D printed objects, startup presentations and awarding of the best market representatives, the event will include a lot of interesting activities, such as Show of Superheroes cosplay contest where participants will wear costumes from 3ddreams. Its representatives will also show the full power of niche craft production in the startup zone and our art gallery.         

“The mission of our workshop is to develop the cosplay community in Russia. As a child, I liked watching Guyver movie. The character had alien armour and was invulnerable. I have dreamt of such armour for the whole childhood. And finally, 20 years later, buying 3D printers, I can make my child dream come true. And before purchasing 3D equipment I have collected paper models – papercraft. The process is very interesting but it requires lots of time and use of 3D printed printers can speed it up by times”, Fail Allaberdin, the founder of the company, explained his activity choice. 

The conceptual workshop provides services of 3D printing and decorating various elements for costumes of fantastic characters. Generally, 3ddreams specialists recreate images of famous characters of DC and Marvel films, popular computer games and comics. Individual approach to each order allows workshop experts to implement almost near-impossible tasks.  

Do you want to see how real superheroes appear? Then come on November 17-18 to Sokolniki ECC to the annual 3D Print Expo 2016.

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