Magic Nature of 3D Printing

Magic Nature of 3D Printing

Some might think of a 3D printing as something mystical and weird, but it is in fact very real and applied pretty often. Even though a few experts still doubt in the “3D printing in every home” idea, no one can deny the obvious fact: the future use of additive manufacturing for the household needs is only a matter of time.


We’ll find out which tasks could be solved with the help of 3D printing soon enough. Engineer groups all over the world work on the projects of inexpensive and small 3D printing devices. Not so long ago, 3D printers have been really huge devices, just like the first computers. Today’s household 3D printing devices are not bigger in size than coffee machines and could be placed on a usual working desk. Design simplification and smaller details allow to reduce the price for the machine. Moreover, modern models could be purchased via the Internet; they look like a LEGO kit which could be simply assembled and they help to find out how the 3D printer actually works and develop the common level of the technical knowledge of the owner. Rep Rap printers manufacturers, for example, offer to save money even on details – their devices cost $1000 and can print even some of their own details.

Indeed, the usual shopping as we know it will soon be changed into the unique creative process. Assume you want to buy a dress. But you couldn’t find the proper one in the shop for different reasons, like colour or fashion.

In the future, everything you will need to solve the issue is to take one of the dresses as an example and alter it to your own taste with a help of simple software. Just set the necessary parameters and in few clicks you will get a unique one-of-a-kind product. And that’s just for starters. Eventually, 3D printers will be capable to use the most diverse materials that one could imagine. 

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