My Take on the London 3D Printshow 2013

My Take on the London 3D Printshow 2013

The Business Design Centre (BDC) in Islington, London was the well-chosen venue for the 3D Printshow London 2013. I arrived at the BDC yesterday morning having “slightly” underestimated the walk from Euston station. Yes, I walked it — suitcase and all. No time to dwell on my fitness levels (or lack thereof) as the busiest of busy days followed — right through to midnight.

It’s always lovely when the first face is a friendly face, and I totally lucked-out, bumping into Richard Horne at reception. Nattering away about the exciting day stretching out ahead we made our way through to the open, triple-floored exhibition space that creatively brought all of the different facets of the 3D Printshow together. Maintaining the wonderful vibe that Kerry Hogarth and her Team Awesome initiated last year, this venue was a huge improvement and so much more practical.

Through the doors and the first mega exhibit to greet visitors was the phenomenal work of Jason Lopes of Legacy Effects. Jason was a presenter last year and returned with a super-scaled-up exhibit that properly demonstrates his capabilities with 3D printing. I am so in awe of what he does with this tech, phenomenal doesn’t really do it justice. This year he had support — in every way. 

Another cool guy from LA in my contact network. And like Jason great company. Lucky me.

Before the crowds started pouring in, I was lucky enough to do a quick scouting exercise to see what & who was there before jumping in to the more detailed chats. What struck me most was the number of new entry-level machines that hadn’t even made it onto my radar — most notably BEEVERYCREATIVE (Portugal), bq witbox (Spain), Cartesio3D (The Netherlands), and WASP (Italy). There was also Omni3D (Poland), but I had had a heads up to look out for this one last week. Individual posts, with specs, will follow on these.


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