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At the 3D Print Expo 2016 medical experts will explain how 3D printing helps saving lives

  • November 10, 2016
At the 3D Print Expo 2016 medical experts will explain how 3D printing helps saving lives

Moscow will host a large-scale 3D Print Expo 2016 conference on November 17-18. The most relevant issues related to the development and implementation of 3D printing technology will be addressed at the event. A separate block of the conference will be devoted to the use of the additive developments in medicine.

Medicine is one of those areas where the introduction of 3D printing has become a catalyst for the global change bringing the entire industry to a new quality level of development. Today this technology is used in dentistry, traumatology, orthopedics, reconstructive and plastic surgery, cardiology, neurology, neurosurgery, oncology, and so on. Due to the three-dimensional printing physicians got the opportunity to cure illnesses and injuries that were once considered incurable. 

The benefits of the introduction of innovative methods of additive technologies will be presented by two qualified experts Nicola Bizzotto and Roman Gorbatov within a framework of the 3D Print Expo conference block “Implementation of 3D printing in medicine” on November 18.

Nicola Bizzotto, an employee of the Verona University Hospital and the private Dolomit Sport Clinic Ortisei-Bolzano, has an extensive experience in conducting complex surgeries related to limb fractures. In his work he actively uses 3D printing tools and scanning. He is also the founder of the Italian Association of biofabrication – IDBN - that promotes the use of the additive technologies in Italian medicine.

Roman Gorbatov, a traumatologist and orthopedist, a manager of the 3D printing laboratory at the Privolzhsky Federal Medical Research Centre , Federal State Institution of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, also represents the Association of the experts in the additive technologies in medicine. Currently he is in charge of projects for printing the unique bone replacing implants that can be used to heal the large bone defects caused by oncological diseases.

To learn more about the experts’ activities on the development and implementation of 3D printing, visit the 3D Print Expo 2016 conference that will take place in the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre on November 17-18. 


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