Inexpensive 3D printers and new version of KOMPAS-3D: main events in the world of additive technologies

Inexpensive 3D printers and new version of KOMPAS-3D: main events in the world of additive technologies

Today there are affordable 3D printers, downloadable new version of KOMPAS-3D, and lunar 3D printer gained victory at the festival. Read further in the digest about these and other events in the world of 3D technologies.

Lar Tekhnologii offers affordable 3D printers

Lar Tekhnologii engineering company offers a relatively inexpensive LAR100 3D printer. The 3D printing device relies on the selective laser melting (SLM) technology.

The printer uses powerful laser emitters that provide high productivity when working with high-melting-point materials. The price depends on the configuration, and the basic model costs €69,900 (around 5,387,000 rubles).

To compare, the industrial machines of the Rosatom State Corporation cost around 50 million rubles.

The project of the lunar 3D printer – among the best at the Ot Winta! festival

The project of the heliolithograph – a lunar 3D printer – is one of the winners of the international festival of scientific and technical work for children and youth Ot Winta!

Students of Samara State Technical University developed the project. They designed a 3D printer that prints using sunlight.

The device is intended to construct lunar bases. The innovative idea, simple assembling, and mobility of the 3D printer brought victory to its developers.

The Czech Republic announced the development of high-quality Prusament filament

Under the guidance of the engineer Josef Prusa, the Czech company Prusa Research announced the start of work on the new filament.

Prusa reports that his 3D printing company has been setting up its own production line of filament since the last year and now promises to create a high-quality product.

Prusa guarantees that the company will monitor the diameter of the filament, and ensure high quality winding and uniform dyeing of the filament.

New version of KOMPAS-3D available for download

Engineering software developer ASCON released a new version of the automated design system called KOMPAS-3D v18. The updated version is the fastest among all KOMPAS solutions.

Upgrades include topological optimization, quick adding of fasteners and typical connections, and new hybrid schemes.

The new version allows making basic operations faster.

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