New 3D printer will cook culinary masterpieces

New 3D printer will cook culinary masterpieces

Molecular gastronomy has become a fancy trend for most top chefs, providing unique opportunities for cooking. This technology is the basic Foоd Crеation 3D printer concept that can make incredible food masterpieces using some simple ingredients.

Molecular gastronomy studies physical and chemical processes that occur while cooking. In such a way, it can create any form and structure out of food products and emphasize certain taste qualities.

FoоdCreation printer has been invented by the PhilipsDesign Company. Its aim is to transform inserted products into the course of a desired form and consistence. For example, kids will love broccoli looking like a funny squash or ice-cream. It’s about getting your wants and needs met.

Besides, the device allows you to adjust the food nutritional value and plan your diet, based on the amount of protein, fats and carbs consumed.

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