3D Print Expo Attendees Will See Software Solutions From CADFEM CIS

3D Print Expo Attendees Will See Software Solutions From CADFEM CIS

How to speed up the integration of innovative technologies into production and which software tools to use for that? Find out from the representatives of CADFEM CIS – exhibitors of the seventh 3D Print Expo.

CADFEM CIS is an elite partner and ANSYS competence center in the CIS. The company is a part of CADFEM Group, which is present in 14 countries of the world. It participates with such software developers as nCode, CivilFEM, optiSLang, ROCKY DEM, Flownex, virtualcitySYSTEMS, Motor-CAD.

CADFEM CIS is specializing on the integration of software in the interdisciplinary ANSYS line. These software products are applied in such sectors as deformable solid mechanics, computer fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, semiconductors, 3D projecting, optics, calculation platform, system modelling, additive technologies.

CADFEM CIS also provides consultations and trainings for users, helps clients to move to Industry 4.0, which improves cost reduction, cutting time and the cycle of production.

Check out the software solutions from CADFEM CIS and talk to company representatives at the exhibition area of 3D Print Expo 2019. Event will take place on 4-5 of October in ECC Sokolniki (pavilion 2).

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