MyDent24 representative to reveal features of dental 3D printing

MyDent24 representative to reveal features of dental 3D printing

October 14, Artem Gatich, the head of the business development department at MyDent24 dental online shop, will speak at the 3D Print Expo 2017 conference. As a chief of the 3D printing center at MyDent24 and an expert in the dental product market, he will talk about industry features and issues.

Presentation topic: Application of light curing 3D printing in dentistry: type of works, printing requirements, common technology challenges and their solutions.

Speaker’s presentation can be divided into 2 parts, disclosing industry features, which will be interesting for specialists with various levels of training.

The first part will be dedicated to an overall review of applying light curing 3D printing technology in dentistry, existing types of materials and equipment as well as requirements to them. This information is useful for beginning technology users and those being in the way of choosing.

The second part will consist of the display of ready-made dental products, analysis of printing quality from the perspective of its application in the industry as well as examination of key mistakes and tips on avoiding them. This information will be interesting for experienced users of light curing 3D printers.

The presentation of Artem Gatich within 3D Print Expo 2017 will be followed by the round table, allowing experts to discuss 3D printing application in prosthesis and dentistry. You can buy a ticket to the event following the link.

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