Second Generation FDM Printer Will Be on Display at 3D Print Expo

Second Generation FDM Printer Will Be on Display at 3D Print Expo

Dear friends!


On the 13th – 14th of February, 2014, Moscow will host 3D Print Expo, the first Russian 3D printing technologies exhibition.

Exhibition can become a main event of the year, because dynamic progress of high-tech has stimulated engaging 3D printing in every sector of our life, including the household. This is quite impressive, indeed! Today, everyone may assemble 3D printer using a special set of details. Don’t you want to see this? We are happy to invite you at ECC Sokolniki, where you could experience the technologies of our future and witness the process of operation.

Meanwhile, we continue to present our new participants. Please, welcome the RGT Company! 

For the first time, RGT specialists will present their new PrintBox3D One printer at the exhibition. Basically, it’s a second generation printer that involves some unique technologies patented in 8 documents.

The device has significant printing speed and quality, as well as the opportunity to create large extensions without any additional footings.

RGT is specialized in complex technical devices development and manufacturing, particularly NC equipment, robotics and electronics, as well as 3D printing R&D (since 2012).

Nowadays RGT continues to develop new 3D printing devices. Best industry engineers are employed within the company. In the future, it plans to create the first Russian machine capable to print using metal.

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