The Second Generation of Magnum Creative 3D Printers at 3D Print Expo

The Second Generation of Magnum Creative 3D Printers at 3D Print Expo

Moscow 3D Print Expo Exhibition and Conference, which will take place on October 23 - 25 at Sokolniki exhibition centre, will again surprise its visitors not only with rich and interesting program, but also with new exclusive products of the world of advanced 3D technologies.

In particular, Irwin, one of the leading service companies on the Moscow market, which will take part in 3D Print Expo for the second time, will present at the exhibition its new product - Magnum 3D printer of new generation.

Magnum 3D printers of the second generation differ from their predecessors by higher print speed and more advanced software.


The new models have programmed control of motor current that allows accurate adjustment of the electronics and increase of the print speed and quality.

The printers of the second generation are equipped with an external connector allowing you to connect the add-on unit to print with a variety of plastic materials such as chocolate, pastry or silicone. About the release of such add-on unit Irwin Company will announce further in autumn 2014.

In October, at 3D Print Expo you will be able to get acquainted with the Irwin Company’s product line. The main industry event of the world of 3D technology will provide all interested persons with an opportunity to meet leading manufacturers and suppliers of 3D equipment, creators of specialized services and workshops for 3D printing and scanning and experts in this field in order to see firsthand the ability of modern three-dimensional technology.



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