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Advanced 3D printing and scanning technologies exhibition

Think3D partners with iMakr.VC to fund Indian 3D printing projects

Think3D partners with iMakr.VC to fund Indian 3D printing projects

3D printing is in a very early stage in India when compared to various developed economies across Europe, America and Asia but is growing at a very rapid pace. Future holds lot of promise in India as the country offers a massive fast developing market. To tap into the potential in India offers, imakr.vc and think3d.in have partnered in July 2014 to fund best in class Indian 3D printing start-ups.

iMakr.VC, the world leading 3D printing fund, brings its expertise and exceptional track record to its local partner in the Indian market, think3D.vc.

think3d.vc will be responsible for all the due diligence of ideas received by iMakr.vc from India and the successful applicants will enter one of the three dedicated programs established by iMakr.vc (campus, incubator, accelerator). Think3d.vc shall also offer incubation space for the successful applicants from India.

Together, these two companies hope to tap into the fast growing industry which is poised to reach $16.2 billion dollars by 2018 from the current $3.8 billion globally, growing at an annual rate of 45.7% as per Gartner report on 3D printing.


About iMakr.vc

iMakr.VC was founded in 2012 by Sylvain Preumont, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience creating and managing Tech and Industrial corporations to invest in promising projects operating in 3D printing and 3D scanning sectors.

Since 2012, iMAkr.VC has successfully invested in Makr.com, MyMiniFactory.com, Mini-You.co.uk, Newton3D.com, etc. iMakr.VC invites Indian 3D printing projects to apply at www.imakr.vc.

About think3d.vc

think3D.vc was founded in 2014 by two 3D printing entrepreneurs Prudhvi Reddy and Raja Sekhar Upputuri who are currently running a 3D printing portal in India – www.think3d.in.

think3D is India’s largest platform for 3D printing applications and services. think3D primarily comprises for four sections:

  • News Portal – Covering all the latest 3D printing news;
  • Online Store – For selling 3D printers, filaments and spare parts;
  • Print of Demand – For customers who want a 3D prototype of their designs;
  • Training Platform – To provide training on 3D printing technologies.

Please send an e-mail at info@think3d.in if you wish to contact the think3d.in team.

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