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Advanced 3D printing and scanning technologies exhibition

Lithuanian scientists develop ultrasonic 3D printer prototype

Lithuanian scientists develop ultrasonic 3D printer prototype

Lithuanian scientists from Neurotechnology have developed a new ultrasonic 3D printing technology able to create three-dimensional objects of both solid and fluid materials. The unique machine allows to print high-quality electronics.

Lithuanian researchers’ solution is based on positioning using ultrasonic generators. By the way, each of them can be controlled separately. Such a device allows to create 3D printed objects of any materials, including metals, polymers, and liquids. Besides, completed components can be grasped, spun, moved etc. Dr. Osvaldas Putkis, project manager, said that other contactless manipulation methods, for instance electromagnetic and electrostatic ones, could not provide so many opportunities.

One more important advantage of the technology includes the possibility to position even microscopic objects and work with very fragile components. Moreover, the highest accuracy of manipulations is guaranteed.

Scientists have already created the functional prototype of an ultrasonic 3D machine. Using this device, they managed to print high-quality electronic boards. Whereby, laser emitters were used for high-accuracy soldering, burning, and ink drying.

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