Want to get to know how to make money with 3Dprinter? Visit 3D Print Expo!

Want to get to know how to make money with 3Dprinter? Visit 3D Print Expo!

3D printers are slowly but steadily gaining popularity in a variety of areas, even in rather unexpected ones. Aeronautics, medicine, military, design and architecture - this is only a small list of industries where 3D printers are used. But can 3D printers and scanners be useful for small businesses and personal use? And how can we make a profit using 3D printers?

Experts of 3DMarket.org know the answers to these questions!

Armed with slogan "individual production to the masses!", they were the first in Russia to create individual production service and catalog of 3D models for 3Dprinters. 

One of the peculiarities of the company is that it allows each owner of 3D printer to make money on it. Without leaving his house customer can print any item with a single click.

Thanks to 3DMarket.org anyone can try three-dimensional printing and understand where and how it is possible to benefit from it. Even today, users of the service make a variety of accessories, decorative items, such as vases, monocles and even LED lights.

Experience has proven that three-dimensional printing is a great opportunity to save costs in the production process, sometimes even up to 70%.

Today owners of such equipment have the opportunity to register on 3dmarket.org and check it themselves.

And visitors of the exhibition of advanced 3D printing and scanning technology 3D Print Expo will get tips and advice from the horse's mouth! Experts of 3DMarket.org will for the second time take part in the show and will share a number of examples of the successful use of equipment both for projects implementation, and for personal use.

On 23-25 October we are waiting for you ​​in ECC "Sokolniki"! Hurry up to get invitations not to miss this great event!

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